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Dear Reader,

 Thank you for visiting my website, and passing it along to a friend of yours that might be interested, in the unique features of this sites and and the message of the stones:

         The subtext of the of the Guidestones' message is that the catastrophe of an undefined "climax event" shall cause massive depopulation from billions of deaths;   Its carved in stone: could it be any plainer?

The message is either a
         1)  a mission statement to bring about the climax event and then create a world government from the ruins; or,
         2) an anonymous letter to the editor of history saying they stood idly by, evidencing their incompetence to lead, then dare to give advice to the survivors of our ruined world as to what steps they should take to keep it from happening again.
     Their intentions towards you are known to you now, or their stark indifference, and it's hard to say which is worse. Naturally now your curiosity about how all that affects you and your family and friends is a deeply personal issue.  What are you going to do about it?  What can you do?

     Before we get to how on that question, you’ve got some of your own:

You've come to this page because you are an observant, thoughtful, and curious person, aware of first causes, and I am glad you are here. And, you want answers:
       First; I am the outsider's outsider: I don't know who sponsored the stones, nor do I have any institutional, academic, professional, collegiate, governmental, secret society, financial, religious, or personal associations with anyone even remotely involved, as far as I know, to the sponsors of the stones. Who bought the stones is anyone's guess. That said,
Second; this site is unofficial. This site does, however, have a purpose because you can be sure of one thing: the message of the stones concerns you. It implies that you and your descendants aren't worthy to live, and don't have a place in the future of civilization. You should take that message personally.
Third; you'd no doubt like to know my personal take on the message of the stones. Well, broadly speaking, the "carved in stone" medium is impressive, and most of the precepts are simple, and seem sensible on first examination. On these I'd like to editorialize somewhat later, time permitting in the future, but for now there are a couple of issues deserving of comment:
A) On the emergence of a world government; that would be a good thing. There's a need for it, and luckily there are a lot of able people working for it, knowingly or unknowingly, whom have no evil intent, but to have such a state of affairs brought about by stealth and deceit is wrong. We should go into it, if at all, with our eyes open.
B) On the question of whether the Earth is overpopulated that is the thorny question of "what is the actual carrying capacity of Earth?" Carrying capacity is a legitimate question.  The ultimate number of people that the Earth can bear indefinitely, is anything from half a billion, as the stones gives it, to tens of billions, depending on many variables that we can go into later. Let it be said though that many people self censor on this topic, and either hope the doom falls on somebody else, or they don't speak of it openly at all while taking measures to adjust human numbers, making it "the mission statement held secretly in so many hearts."
      Ignoring it won't make it go away, nor leave you alone. Have you had your shots?
      For now, let's get back to the question "Now that you know what are you going to do about it?"
     Ask not what you can do for the New World Order but ask what can the New World Order do for you.
       The New World Order does exist, and is the real agenda of the dynastic cryptocracy. The world does indeed work that way. The stones are a manifestation that shows the hand of the power elite, and in so doing they have also shown they have abdicated moral authority of their direction in every field of human endeavor. It's quite the irony: they are entrenched, very rich, and very powerful. As powerful as they are they can only imagine scarcity and a barbaric dark green future for the few people they need as serfs even as the tools for greater freedom and universal prosperity are now being made. Think about that. If the news you read every day seems as if the world has gone mad, it has.
     You should, however, forgive them, for were you born into their class you would, as you are now, be heir to a culture of institutional misanthropy informed by a scarcity mentality, and although you would admittedly have much greater advantages and resources, you would not necessarily be intrinsically evil, nor, it must be pointed out, any wiser.  Yet, you would have three great weapons for consolidating your power: Fear, Energy, and Banking.
       Of Fear it can be said: there's lots. Browse the web, watch the news, listen to people talking, and it's plain that  the "we are doomed" mentality of Malthusian scarcity, peak oil, overpopulation, are fixed ideas, and there are many who sometimes desire a return to Nature.  The challenges ahead are fearsome:" against that backdrop of looming disaster the likeliest scenario for the New World Order to openly seize power is to play the Energy Endgame and to depopulate the planet  by engaging in psychological and biological warfare against the masses.
      Of Energy it has to be said that "Peak Oil" is real, and that is a bottle neck to human progress and prosperity whereupon the stranglehold for world domination can get its grip. There is however, abundant energy available, even from Green sources, and it's needed: in the next forty years even as the world runs out of oil we'll need 9 times as much energy, or these "end times" shall be the beginning of the Dark Green Age for the hopeless and impoverished, if not exterminated, masses. Powering up civilization, not down, is the answer, and that requires us to let go of our fear. That requires pro-active steps be taken now, and how:
     Of Banking it is clear they have drawn the world together into their hands, and that by lending out what they did not have, through bookkeeping fictions, the credit that people need to work, whether productively or not, while the real gain is realized solely by the bankers. Consider this: when the US owed more in gold than could be mined the dollar lost its backing, and the Great Depression resulted, and yet when the world went to war the banks suddenly had money to lend, and there was full employment world wide. Now the dollar is literally an oil backed debt voucher for energy expended: think about that.
     On that last note: the banking system needs reformation: For a global economic recovery to occur the investment in securing vast new energy supplies for civilization is urgent. Nothing less will do.  That's a lot of work that needs to be done. Fortunately there are lots of people who want work, that is, gainful employment. 
     This time there should be a fair deal, and not just the burden of impossible and greater debt. There are examples in the history of money, and alternatives to the present fractional reserve system of iniquitous debt-usury lending are available. 
       A prime directive, in my opinion, is for grand public works projects to provide employment, and build the infrastructure for our enduring civilization

Lastly, what would I say to you who have come to this page? That this website must have a purpose as noble and far sighted as the stones? It does: Go home and tend your little garden plot!  Yes!, it that is the point of it: that you have a garden plot to tend, your share of the world that is, to be yours to manage.   Now about this site, while I am in it for fun; two grand purposes though may serve you well my friend and fellow traveler in this vale of tears. The first is that I amuse you too. The other is a program to co-opt the New World Order by demanding it to deliver the jubilee to you: 

To the first I think this site is more successful. To the latter, well, let us have fun trying anyhow... 

         To challenge the New World Order is Quixotic madness and that makes it theater. "All the world's a stage."   To challenge, yea, but not to resist.  Use its momentum, as in a judo throw, to deliver the world to them, but on terms favorable to you, and Mankind, and Life.
   Billions of people are needed for planetary management; to develop a greater civilization.  Your support in this effort, and you are doing your part wherever you are, and of this site and its purpose, is necessary and appreciated.
     In the coming months I'll re-brand the old content of this website, up since 2002, and produce new content, as the montage of a dialogue between two alter egos as it were: Grim and Quixote. That 's for your instruction, edification, and entertainment if for nothing else.  The purpose of this site however is also serious and fortunately simple: to focus your attention where it will do the most good: on the lawful path to challenging the New World Order to create and improve opportunities, for building a better world for everyone.  Take Action Here
    Your feedback is welcome. I may not have time to respond to everyone, but your contributions matter no matter what you've been told before, nor by whom. After looking around my site and getting a feel for it, please consider making a donation, even as little as a dollar helps.
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